1. About Grand Food Mart?

Grand Food Mart is an offline and online food grocery shopping platform with physical shops where you can buy groceries online through the website and have them delivered at your doorstep.

  1. What kind of products does Grand Food Mart sell? 

At Grand Food Mart, you can buy a wide range of grocery products under various categories such as frozen foods, dairy foods, cooking oils, frozen meat & fish, ready to cook products, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack series items, beverages, kids’ series, and much more.

  1. How do I register on your website?

It is a very easy process. All you would have to do is:

Now, the process will be complete and you will be a registered user of Grand Food Mart, where you can start to order food products online.

  1. Do you charge anything for the registration process?

No. You can register at our website for free, with no cost at all.

  1. Is it necessary for me to register with Grand Food Mart to shop for online groceries?

Yes. Before you place an order for groceries through our website, you would have to register as a user. Even if you could add products to your shopping cart without logging in as a registered user, you would still need an account to finish the check-out procedure.

  1. How does Grand Food Mart’s website work? 

It is a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate online grocery shop in Myanmar. You can effortlessly browse the website or use our search engine feature to find whatever products you are looking for. Then, if they are listed on the website and available to buy, you can add them to your shopping cart and place an order. You can provide us your address where you want the products to be delivered, mention a delivery time, and after finishing the check-out process, you will be done. A Grand Food Mart representative will deliver the products right at the doorstep of your given address.

  1. How can I place my order on your website?


8.Can I cancel an order If yes, when and how?

Grand Food Mart enables an easy and hassle-free cancellation process. You can go through your order features to cancel the order or contact our customer care team to cancel the order. They will guide you through the complete cancellation process.

  1. How much do you charge for the delivery of the grocery products? 

Grand Food Mart offers free delivery for all orders of 20,000Ks and above. For the order below that, you will have to pay delivery charges.

  1. How can I contact you? 

You can always call us on our hotline numbers or fill your details in the contact form to get in touch with our customer care team. You can visit our ‘Contact’ page for more information.

  1. What are the different means of payment available on your website?

At the moment, our payment gateway is under development. We received cash only on delivery.

  1. When will I be able to receive my order and how will it be delivered to my address?

Usually the orders will be delivered next day at your doorstep as per the time requested by you. Grand Food Mart has established a timely and stress-free online grocery home delivery system. We always try to deliver all the orders on time without harming any product. However, in case, your order gets delayed due to unexpected and out of control reasons, our customer care team would inform you in advance. You can also call us on our hotline numbers or email us in case your order gets delayed.

  1. Where does Grand Food Mart make grocery items delivery?

We are located in Yangon and we are relentlessly working to reach all of our prospective customers.

  1. How would I know when my order will arrive at my location? 

When our representative will arrive at your doorstep with your order, they will contact you to let you know about your delivery.

  1. How can I find out if my order is being processed or not?

Immediately after you place an order with Grand Food Mart, the following events will take place:

16.Can I change my online grocery order after placing it?

You will not be able to make any changes in the order once you have checked-out. You will have to either place a completely new order or cancel the standing order. You can also our customer care team given hotline numbers and ask them to change or cancel the previous order for you.

  1. Will I have to pay any additional charge if I cancel an order?

No. You won’t have to pay any extra charges for canceling your order.

  1. Is the Grand Food Mart website accessible every day?

Yes. The website is accessible 24/7 except for when the website is down for repairs, maintenance, or the addition of new features. Also, we deliver the order in agreed time every day except for the times when a delivery might get delayed due to the reasons that are out of our control such as strikes, natural calamity, etc.

  1. Can I change my email address if needed?

As a registered user of Grand Food Mart, you can edit and update your account information from time to time. You can change your email address, shipment address (when you change your locality), and other details.

  1. What should I do if any of the online grocery items that have been delivered at my doorstep is damaged, leaking, or past the expiry date? 

At Grand Food Mart, we make sure that you get only the best quality products. In any unforeseen event, if you find any damage, leakage, or expired product in your delivered order, you can return it straightaway at the time of delivery to our representative who delivered the order at your doorstep.

On the other hand, if you find the damage or leakage sometime after the delivery has been made, you can contact our customer care team on hotline numbers given on the website’s contact page on the same day or a day after you received the goods.

  1. What to do if I want to return a product?

You can return a product at the time of delivery and you won’t have to pay for it. However, if you are having any major problem with the products’ condition, you can contact our customer care team and they will guide from there. Please ensure that the product you are returning is in its original condition and packaging. Please note that, if we do not find your reasons to return the product satisfactory, we reserve the right to not accept the return.

  1. Why should I buy from your online grocery shop in Yangon when I can buy from the store in the neighborhood? 

Well, that is your choice. However, buying from Grand Food Mart will allow you to have your grocery items at your doorstep. Also, our online grocery prices are affordable and lower than that of many other local stores. Not only that, but we also offer many customer-friendly deals and discounts throughout the year that will allow you to buy your groceries at affordable prices during festive seasons. We are the importer of all the items on our website. Our products are high quality, imported from EU countries, Austrailia, New Zealand, Brazil and Malaysia. All the marine products and seafood products are processed in our own factory. Especially, fresh water fishes are personally harvested on our own fish farms and caught afterwards processed in our own GMP certified manufacturing plant. So that, satisfaction is guaranteed.

  1. How would you rate the quality of the products available on your website?

All the products available on our website are of top-quality. They come from renowned brands and if you are not satisfied with any product, you can return it immediately at the time of the delivery. We are one of the most reliable platforms for online grocery shopping in Myanmar.

  1. Do I need to tip your delivery representative? 

It is not a necessity for you to tip our representative. But if you wish to do so, our delivery team members appreciate the acknowledgment of their hard work. Our delivery representatives are allowed to keep the whole tip amount.

  1. How do you determine the prices of your grocery products?

It is quite simple. You will pay what you see on the website. As the market prices keep varying in the FMCG industry, you can find some price differences, especially for fish, seafoods, etc. We get products from manufacturers and other retailers. So there can be a slight difference between our and other stores’ prices. We try to keep the best possible and the latest market prices. Nevertheless, some variations might occur.

  1. Can I place an online order for frozen foods and other similar foods that need to be kept in cold or warm temperatures?

Yes. You can order for frozen and other similar foods as we would deliver every product with complete care “using cold boxes, cooler bags” while making sure that their quality never gets compromised. Special attention is provided to frozen products, dairy products, etc. and they are delivered quickly and safely at the delivery address. Our delivery trucks have cold compartments, too.

  1. Can I deliver groceries and have them delivered to my family or friends’ addresses?

Yes. You can order the products and have them delivered at your family or friend’s place as long as they live in the areas where we deliver. You will just have to enter their address in the order form.

  1. What if the store does not have the stock of something that I have ordered?

Our team will contact you with the list of substitute products and if you want, you can pick from them.

  1. Should I be at my home when you are making the delivery?

Absolutely Yes. Please make sure that you do not schedule a delivery at the time when no one will be at your place to receive the delivery. If nobody is at home at the time of the delivery, we will contact you on your mobile phone and will decide how to proceed from there.

  1. What can I do if I want to complain about my online grocery shopping in Myanmar?

You can register a complaint with our customer care team, and we will try to respond with a solution as soon as possible.