Kawan Chapatti 400g Malaysia

Sale price6,600 Ks


With its origins in India, the chapatti has become a delightful delicacy popular among local Malaysians. Satisfy your appetite with our selection of Kawan chapattis! Just heat them up using a pan or microwave and enjoy! One of the World's favorite unleavened flatbreads, this versatile staple is traditionally consumed with curries. For a real treat, serve it with ghee (clarified butter) or butter for a truly delicious experience. Do also try it out with one of our Kawan curries or sambal ikan bilis! Packaging: 10 pieces (Net Weight: 400g) Halal No artificial preservatives Trans fat free


Brand : Kawan
Packing Size : 40 g x 24 pkt x 8 ‘s
သုံးစွဲရန် အညွှန်း ဒယ်အိုးပူပူတွင် ၃ မိနစ်ခန့် အပူပေး၍

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