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Showing 1 - 24 of 79 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 79 products
Perdix Frozen Chicken Franks 340g BrazilPerdix Frozen Chicken Franks 340g Brazil
Doux Chicken Franks Cheese 340g France
Doux Chicken Franks Original 340g France
Doux Chicken Franks Hot & Spicy 340g France
Kawan  Paratha Plain 400g Malaysia
Mom's Choice Dori Fillet 1kg In House Brand
Kawan Mini Nann VP 1.05kg MalaysiaKawan Mini Nann VP 1.05kg Malaysia
Kawan Paratha Onion 400g Malaysia
Meltique Beef Striploin Portion 300g Australia
Kawan Chapatti 400g MalaysiaKawan Chapatti 400g Malaysia
Tortilla Wraps 8"
Kawan Paratha Plain VP 2kg MalaysiaKawan Paratha Plain VP 2kg Malaysia
Doux Chicken Franks Garlic 340g France
Prochiz Cheddar Cheese Slice 192g Indonesia
Kawan Roti Wraps 360g Malaysia
Kawan Mini Bun Red Bean 270g Malaysia
Save 29%
Shrimp Dim sum
grandfoodmart Figo Shrimp Dimsum 270g Malaysia
Sale price5,500 Ks Regular price7,800 Ks
Kawan Paratha Low GI 400g Malaysia
Kawan Curry Potato Bun 360g Malaysia

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