Kawan Paratha Plain VP 2kg Malaysia

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Parathas have a flaky, layered texture and a wonderful aroma. Originating from India, parathas in general have become so popular that other cultures have adopted it as their own. This versatile flatbread is consumed during every meal and can be eaten traditionally with curries or even with toppings such as jams or chocolate. Choose from our wide range of Kawan parathas that are guaranteed to whet any appetite! What's more, complement your paratha with our Kawan curries and sambal ikan bilis! Packaging: 25 pieces (Net Weight 2kg) Halal Trans fat free No artificial preservatives     Stock Code FP-354


Brand : Kawan
Packing Size : (2 Kg) (80 g x 8 pkt x 25 ‘s)
သုံးစွဲရန် အညွှန်း ဒယ်အိုးပူပူတွင် ဆီထည့်ရန်မလိုပဲ ၃ မိနစ်ခန့်
အပူပေး၍ စားသုံးနိုင်ပါသည်။

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